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User License
If you are 18 or older, we grant you a limited, revocable, license to access Calibre Classifieds. This license may at any time, and for any reason, be revoked without compensation. You agree not to license, distribute, make derivative works, display, sell, or "frame" content from Calibre Classified, excluding content that was created and owned exclusively by yourself. By using Calibre Classifieds, you grant us a perpetual, irrevocable license to display, edit, or otherwise make use of content you post, except for personally identifying information such as email addresses.

Use of Calibre Classifieds
By using Calibre Classifieds, you agree to not make use of any kind of automated system (eg. webscrapers, bots, or scripts) to collect information, send emails, post advertisements, catalogue content, or otherwise interact with Calibre Classified servers amd/or website(s). Unsolicited, misleading, or threatening email transmissions through the Calibre Classifieds Email Relay are strictly prohibited and may result in access privileges being revoked and/or referral to law enforcement agencies.

General Use Rules
1. Items listed for sale must be in your current legal possession in concurrence with Canadian law.
2. A maximum of three ads, with a maximum of 4 images and 2000 characters of ad body-text may be in use by any one email address, aside from commerical license holders.
3. The Calibre Classifieds Email Relay service is provided without guarantee, and is to be used solely for communication between those who have posted an advertisement and potential buyers for said advertised item. See preceding section for prohibited usages of the Email Relay system.
4. While we will attempt to safeguard private user information (eg. Email Address and IP address), we provide no guarantee as to the security of this information and are not responsible for potential loss of such information.
5. Calibre Classifieds takes no responsibility for user-posted content on the Calibre Classifieds website. It is considered the user's responsibility to make sure that Canadian law is followed with regards to the sale and purchase of firearms, ammunition, and similar items. Furthermore, Calibre Classifieds makes no promise of accuracy, security, or privacy for user-submitted content, nor for any subsequent transactions, communications, or exchanges. We are NOT liable for any harm caused as a result of user-submitted content.
6. Illegal content, hate speech, copyright infringement, or otherwise unacceptable content (as determined by Calibre Classifieds moderators) is grounds for immediate revocation of user privileges to the Calibre Classifieds service and/or referral to law enforcement agencies.
7. Advertisements for suspected stolen firearms or fraudulent purposes will be referred to law enforcement and removed.

Data Disclosure Policy
Calibre Classifieds will not release user information to any third party without consent, except in cases where doing so is necessary due to law enforcement warrant or legal subpeona. However, Calibre Classifieds reserves the right to release user information if necessary to protect our rights, property, safety, or other users of Calibre Classifieds. User data may be used for analysis or summary purposes after being stripped of identifying information.

While Calibre Classifieds will attempt to moderate content so as to keep ads within acceptable guidelines as listed above, we provide no guarantee of this. Furthermore, abuse of the moderation flagging system or the abuse email address will result in revocation of user license to use Calibre Classifieds.

Avoiding Fraud

There are some basic precautions you can take to prevent becoming a victim of fraud, buying an item that may be stolen, or selling an item to an individual not legally licensed to own said item:

1. Obtain and confirm the PAL number, address, phone number, and place of birth of any potential purchaser or seller with the RCMP to avoid being defrauded, or selling to an unlicensed individual.

2. Obtain and confirm all firearm serial numbers prior to purchase, and confirm they are not stolen by using the online CPIC database lookup located here.

3. Be cautious of people who request payment via money order or bank transfer, especially overseas sellers or purchasers.

4. Never share personal banking or financial information online, such as credit card number, PayPal logins, or bank account numbers.

Further Resources:
RCMP Fact Sheet on Selling, Giving, or Trading Firearms in Canada
RCMP Report on Avoiding Fraud
Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
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